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lakewood 1/2 Marathon



5K Fun Run

Sunday, September 17th, 2017

Location: Fort Steilacoom Park

Lakewood, Washington

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Lakewood Ford

TOPSIDE Bar & Grill

Farrelli's Northwest Pizza

Shane Klinkhammer

LeMay Collections

Guitar Center

Evergreen Home Loans / The Dorman Team


Fresh Picked Foods

Ming Palace

A Taste of Costa Rica

Steilacoom Pub & Grill

Sassy Ceramics

Rocket Pure

More about our Sponsors:

Shane Klinkhammer

Shane is an outstanding Realtor - best I've worked with in over 20 years of Real Estate and Construction.

He will go the extra mile to negotiate and close the deal for you.  When Shane says he will do something - You can be assured it will happen!! 

TOPSIDE Bar & Grill

What a place to eat...I love this place! The food is prepared in just a perfect way. Thank you John...your entire staff and everyone who does everything just right!


I have a promise that they will deliver 50+ pizzas on race day...I am looking forward to that!!

Thank you!

LeMay Collections

We will be awarding 3 free passes to the LeMay Collection. If you have not been here the collection is absolutely fantastic! Do not try to drive the vehicles!!

Evergreen Home Loans - The Dorman Team

We believe in the “team” concept and can provide you better service by working as a team.

As ladies and gentlemen of integrity, we earnestly strive to care for our clients in a way that is legendary; creating “Raving Fans” who refer their friends and family. We earn the right to be trusted advisors as we continuously work to enhance the financial well-being and quality of life of the men, women and families we serve.

- Legendary Service is our Mission

Fresh Picked Foods

The owners of Fresh picked...Please go see them and see the enthusiasm that they have! OMG She is going to give you healthy eating tips and you will like it! The food looks so wonderful, I wanted to go run 6 more miles and eat my vegetables - Go figure!

Guitar Center

By the numbers:

Can you guess the number of Guitars they have in the store right now?

Hint: More than THREE

The Manager is helping us with TWO Guitars.

The Number of Guitar Chords Marc knows: ONE

If you have read this far and you guess the number of Guitars (I will get a number from my friends there)

I will give you a free entry to the Half.

Got a number? Write it down on a $50.00, bring it to the race on race day...and you get a free entry. Just kidding...Email me with your number...if it's within 20 you win a free entry!!

A Taste of Costa Rica

If you like coffee...Come by and help the cause all profits of coffee this day go to Veteran Non-profits and Cancer research!

Thank you guys!!!!

Steilacoom Pub & Grill

We all love this pub!!! And Guess where all our volunteers want to be on Race Day...You guessed it!

Here's another for you...be the one Halfer that reads this and picks up the colors at the Steilacoom Pub and Grill and proudly returns them back to the park (after the turn around) ....We'll do something for you!!!

Marc Chung

Thank you Steilacoom Pub and Grill


A wonderful Chinese Seafood Restaurant on Hosner Blvd in Tacoma

They serve traditional Dim sum until 3pm every day and then traditional Chinese food

 the rest of the evening!

8736 S Hosmer St Tacoma, WA 98444

Sassy "SASSY" Ceramics

Wait to till you see what they make! This team makes incredible ceramic items. See their booth at the park. You will see what I mean.

Rocket Pure — Natural Body Care For Athletes

Founded in 2012 by people who love sports and the outdoor world, Rocket Pure is a Bellingham, Washington-based company that specializes in natural personal care products for athletes.

Some days we push our bodies to the limits and feel like our legs are made of lead. Other days, we barely break a sweat on a hill that worked us over the week before. But, we love it all. Rocket Pure was created for just that –to give your body a little TLC after all it’s done for you, naturally.

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